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General information

You are arriving in a country with many different cultures,
some are very "western" whilst others appear strange.

Africa has a population of approximately 48 million inhabitants.
English and Afrikaans (old Dutch) is widely spoken.

Local currency in the South Africa is Rand "ZAR".
Most banks provide foreign exchange facilities.
All major credit cards are widely accepted, and almost all hotels
change your currency.

The weather is generally warm and sunny.
Summer rainfall throughout the country, with the exception of
Cape Town and surrounding areas, which have a Mediterranean
climate and therefore expect rain in the winter.
The seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere.

Electricity supply is 220 volts. Businesses are usually open
from 08h00 until 17h00, Monday to Friday.
Most supermarkets and big shopping malls are also open on
Saturdays and Sundays.

In South Africa, like UK, car driving is on the left side of the road.
Traffic lights are called robots. You must wear seat belts.
Speed limits in urban areas 60km/h and in freeways 120km/h.

Bring your Mobile with you and buy a SIM card in SA
so that you make and receive calls at local rates.

Tipping: Hotel and airport porters, R10 to R15 per piece of luggage.
Taxi drivers 10%. Restaurants 10 to 15%.
Gratuities are generally not included in the bill.
Waiters generally earn most of their money through tips.

Safety: It is safe to walk in the major streets. As a tourist you need
to be aware of the following: avoid carrying large sums of cash.

Do not leave your belongings unattended.

Checklist:Required by S. African law:
Passport with a minimum of two blank facing pages.
Copy of passport & airline ticket.
Prescription medication (as needed) in original packaging.
Extra eyeglasses or contact lenses sunglasses, cash, credit cards.
Camera and an adequate supply of film and batteries
Extra set of luggage keys (not kept with your regular keys)
Moist towelettes in packages sunscreen lotion, lip salve
Insect repellent
Imodium and a laxative
Aspirin, cold tablets, antacids, bandage strips, antiseptic spray
and/or wipes

Clothing: Bear in mind South Africa weather is very unpredictable,
therefore pack casual clothes for day wear with warm clothing at night and some days i.e. a warm sweater, tracksuit or slacks.
Bring along rainwear, and comfortable walking shoes.
Remember, semi-formal attire is preferable for city restaurants.

Make sure you have a travel insurance

If you’re diabetic, plan ahead and be prepared by carrying snacks.
If you have any other medical problems, check with your doctor before
you leave. Don’t pack too much! It is wise to carry a change of clothing
and any valuables, medicines, extra glasses, etc. in your carry-on bag.
Be sure your baggage is clearly labelled and remove old destination
labels. Leave an itinerary with your relatives, so that they’ll know
where you can be reached in case an emergency arises.